Cube Points

Cube Points is a unique system which allows registered and logged in users of the Brain Sick Horror site the chance to earn points for their contributions, such as visiting the site each day or making a comment.

Ways to Earn Points
Registration = 100 points
Comment on Post = 10 points
Visit the Site Daily = 1 point

If your comment is not approved for use of profanity, or any other similarly unacceptable use (as judged by us). Your 10 points will be deducted.

So, what is the point of this?
So, not only will you be able to keep up to date as a registered user of Brain Sick Horror, but we’ll have a bit of fun to see who are our most loyal fans. There may even be some goodies, should you reach a certain milestone.

Rank Points
Rancid Recruit 0
Pitiable Private 125
Corrupt Corporal 175
Savage Sergeant 300
Sinister Sergeant Major 500
Mean Master Sergeant 1,000
Loathsome Lieutenant 2,500
Cruel Captain 5,000
Monstrous Major 10,000
Condemned Colonel 20,000
Grand Godawful General 35,000
Brain Sick Dictator 50,000

So be apart of the fun and sign up now on our home page

And you could one day find yourself at the Hall of Fame